Organic Hemp Oil Drops 2000 MG

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Nature’s Beneficials Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 2000mg (Super Strength) 2oz (60mL Double Capacity) is 100% natural, raw, non-GMO,  CO2 extracted, pure, vegan and sustainable.

Made in the USA in a GMP certified manufacturing facility and backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

17 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil Drops 2000 MG

  1. Amy velazquez

    Long haul flights are a serious pain. it’s even worse when you have connecting flights and short layovers. Oftentimes times when i have long haul flights, i get headaches and body pain and everything just hurts because i’m sitting around at an airport and in an airplane all day. So far my longest flight was 22 hours. It was on the verge of being unbearable. But nothing beats the pain of jet lag. When you have jet lag, you just can’t sleep on time or when you’re supposed to because your body is still used to the other timezone. I remember my last vacation where i was asleep almost the whole week because of jet lag. And i would wake up with a throbbing headache. that was supposed to be a happy time because i was out on vacation but it was many painful for me instead. Normally for jetlag i will just take some pain killers to address the symptoms like headaches and body pain. but it’s still hard for me to sleep so the next day i will have to take more pain killers to address my headaches again. it’s a never ending cycle and it did not feel healthy at all. thankfully i found these oil online. people say they help with pain while others say they help with sleeping. and because i needed something for both, i bought this. it’s been roughly a year by now and i really liked the results so far. the oil is very relaxing and it helps me fall asleep fast despite the time change. it also helps me cope with my headache so i’m really happy about that. overall i think i would definitely buy more of this in the future because i swear by this oil. it has gotten me through some of my tough times with jet lag. and as someone who always travels this is sort of like a must for me.

  2. Bill Rice

    I ordered a different brand of CB Oil before I made the rightful switch to this brand. I don’t just switch from one brand to another without a valid reason. In fact, I continued to give my former brand the benefit of the doubt but points against it proved to be so overwhelming. I have been going around Amazon scouting for a CB Oil that I can use for pain management. Having seen it first and being impressed by the write-up and reviews, I made the order and waited for its delivery. The committed delivery time was 2-3 days. The product arrived at my doorstep after a week.Unboxing the other product proved to be disappointing as well. The packaging was not as good as the picture. My box arrived dented, there was a tear on the plastic wrapping, and there was no seal on the product. Then came the product itself. The content looks like it does not contain the declared volume. There was this bitter taste and after 3 days of trying, it has not brought even the slightest comfort to my aching joints and muscles even if it said that it had 5,000mg hemp extract. What it gave me was an allergic reaction. That was it, I decided to look for a replacement. This brand from Nature’s Beneficial that I am using now is the exact opposite of the previous brand. It got delivered in two days (as promised), the package was well protected and sealed, the odor was very slight and not at all distinguishable, It contained only 2,000mg hemp extract (which I later found out is the maximum allowable mg for this product). A few minutes after ingesting the oil (that had a slight earthy taste) I have immediately felt my sore muscles and joints soften up and relax. The pain came from a grade of 8 before taking the oil to a 3. That was a big reduction for a first tasting. How can you not be loyal to this brand? It was delivered as scheduled, it was well protected and sealed, it has no annoying taste or odor, it’s affordable and most of all, it works fast! This brand has earned my loyalty and respect.

  3. Kyara Gatfield-Geth

    I always had a problem regards to how I sleep, whenever I lay down at night even if I’m doing nothing, tossing myself in the bed from one position to another, it seems that I really can’t fall asleep in time. Sometimes I have to wait for an hour or two just for me to have shut-eye and not only that, it’s bothersome that after you wait a couple of hours to sleep, you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night having your sleep broken because you can’t do it continuously. It went on for weeks. When it finally became a month, I knew that this needs to be treated because it stresses me to the point that I can’t focus on my studies and effects on how I perform on my job.I saw how other people use CB oil and they had great results with what problems they had, so I figured to give it a try. I ordered this product immediately so I could try and see the results hoping that this would help me a lot. When it arrived, I was at home and doing nothing yet so I received it and checked the product. It says that it helps with sleeping and stress. After a long day, I was tired and I needed to sleep. I tried the product before sleeping so that it could help me, the first try it took me 15-20 minutes waiting time for me to sleep and it was a good sign. As I regularly used this product, I became thankful because now I can sleep with ease., no more of switching positions like last time and it helped me with stress related problems throughout the day. It made my studying improve, and because of acquiring good sleep I have energy to do the things without stressing me out.

  4. Jesus Hernandez

    I’ve been playing for my team for a couple of months now, I really love to play basketball and I was really hooked up with it ever since I was a kid. We were always doing extensive training, for hours we go on and on and it was really tiring and my muscles would hurt by the end of the day. It was really tiring and it kept on repeating but I didn’t need to quit since I like it there, I just wanted something that could help me get less stressed and make the pain ease up in my muscles. I asked my coach what could help me relieve the pain that I’m feeling and he told me that he used CB oil because it was easy to take and it was really effective. I took my coach’s advice and started to look up for some products and out of all of the products that I was looking at, I was satisfied by this one so I ordered it.After a long tiring day of training, I started to use this since my muscles hurt and it was really annoying me. After a couple of minutes, the pain eased away and it was good since it’s effective. It also helped me sleep better at night and because of that, my mornings were full of energy. Ever since I started using this, I’ve seen much improvements, I always took it before training so that I’m always on my a-game. It wasn’t an addictive product, I wasn’t hooked to it because I always viewed it as something that could help me throughout my training, making my training easier and less stressful. It didn’t show any negative effects on me and that was really excellent since I don’t have to worry about being affected by something on the long run.

  5. Kellie B.

    i began getting symptoms of arthritis and gout last year but several months ago the pain started getting more severe. i got some prescriptions for strong pain relievers but i’m scared of taking those daily because of all the news of how these can trigger future complications specially with the kidney. because of this i try to not take the medication as often as i should. of course this means also that i would have to endure the pain without the help of pain relievers. i have tried using pain relief creams and balms, liniment, essential oils. i have also tried using medicated patches and hot and cold compress, but nothing actually helps me get rid of the pain as well as the pain relievers do. obviously, the level of pain that i was going through has hindered and deeply affected my work and my productivity even at home. because i’m not taking the medication as often as needed, i normally just stay seated or in bed to get the minimal pain. a few weeks ago, my daughter bought me this oil. she said she used it for a sprained ankle and it worked pretty well so she hopes that it will work for me too. She was right. I’ve been using it for about week now and it can really remove the pain that i’m experiencing in about 30 minutes after taking it. i am pretty happy with this result and now i can go about my day without worrying about my productivity at work. i can also help out again at home and do the things that i love. i have also observed that using this has improved my mental state immensely. i have been feeling more relaxed since i began taking this and i think it’s an amazing product.

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