Organic Hemp Oil Drops 2000 MG

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Nature’s Beneficials Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 2000mg (Super Strength) 2oz (60mL Double Capacity) is 100% natural, raw, non-GMO,  CO2 extracted, pure, vegan and sustainable.

Made in the USA in a GMP certified manufacturing facility and backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

16 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil Drops 2000 MG

  1. NK Divina

    Several weeks ago, I accidentally twisted my knees which resulted in a grade 1 acl tear. It was super painful and I cried in pain every time I had to move. I’ve never experienced a similar kind of pain before and so it was such a big thing for me to have to go through something like this. During the first few days of the injury, I have been taking oral pain medication like ibuprofen and paracetamol, but somebody told me it might be bad for my liver so I immediately looked for a more natural alternative. I chanced upon this CBD oil while I was browsing online and immediately, I got curious because it’s all natural, vegan-safe, and organic. I ordered it and began taking it almost as soon as it arrived (which was just a few days later). It was perfect because I was in so much pain when it arrived, and I hadn’t taken my pain medication yet for that day so I thought it was my chance to actually test out its effectiveness. I took a few drops and waited. I did not have to wait long because this CBD oil definitely works fast as promised. I was able to move comfortably without experiencing any pain. Aside from it being fast acting, it was also quite long lasting. I went through several hours, I think maybe even the whole afternoon going into the evening, without even having to take more drops to manage the pain. It was so good. On top of all of that, I also observed that ever since I began taking this, it is easier for me to calm down and relax during heated situations. I am normally a very hot headed person and it takes a lot of coaxing to get me to calm down, but since I began taking this, it would be surprising if someone can even get me riled up. It’s such a different experience. I’m super relaxed and I can also sleep better at night. I feel so well rested after sleeping and I think it’s all because of this product. I have also tried using it to manage pain for headaches and it has worked fine for things like that as well so I can see myself buying this again in the future. It’s very convenient and effective, def something I will stock up on!

  2. JMertz2

    I work the graveyard shift. Sad thing is, whenever I get home, I still have to do some chores and as such, I am not able to sleep right away. Sometimes my total hour of sleep most of the time only ranges from 2-3 hours everyday, the most would be something like 5 hours. This makes me very cranky both at home and at work. My partner is the usual target of my crankiness at home and sometimes, I pity the poor fellow. One morning as I arrived from work, I saw a package on the table with a note from my partner that say, “Read and drink.” The package was CBD oil. It was packed perfectly complete with reading materials and instructions. I followed the instructions to the letter and ingested the oil. After that, I continued with my house chores and in no time, I was sound asleep. I woke up early evening from the most relaxing and invigorating sleep I have ever had in weeks! I was in such a good mood than when my partner arrived as I was just about to go to work, I smilingly jumped on him kissing him and saying thank you. I was pretty sure there was a slight bounce in me as I proceeded my way to the office.I continued this routine everyday and never again was I in a foul mood. I have the energy to work, I get my time of relaxation, ergo, my mood is always fantastic! This CBD oil is the real deal! All the benefits listed in their reading material and on their website are 100% legitimate. I know, as I have already benefited from it.

  3. william

    I have tried so many brands of CBD oil that has been introduced in the market but only one brand has surpassed the competition on all levels. In terms of price, availability, delivery speed, physical appearance, taste and odor, and overall performance, this brand trumps them all. I’ve even used those that claims to have like 10,000mg, 15,000 or higher. But, I ended up searching for other brands because they just didn’t deliver what I was expecting.I do not know if this is fate but among all the brands, I used this one the last. I don’t think I would need to try out any other brands anymore.Having tried this one the last, I can say that its price is the most affordable among all the other brands. In terms of availability, I have made three re-orders already to replenish my stock and I have not yet encountered an out of stock notice. This means that it is always available. Delivery speed is superb as it never goes over 2 days upon order, an overnight delivery is usually the case for this brand. Others would take a week before it can be delivered. It always get delivered sealed and well packaged complete with protective board and foams. It has very little earthy taste and almost insignificant odor. Lastly, this brand has delivered consistently. From pain management, anti-depressant/anti-anxiety, brain booster, skin and hair to immunity booster, energy and metabolic enhancer to better sleep requirements, this product has done it all! Other brands can only do a handful, even other brands cannot do anything at all. But this brand has been proven to deliver what it had promised. I for one mainly use it for sleep and pain management. Ever since I started to use this product, I have enjoyed deep and uninterrupted sleep night after night and after night. My experience alone can give credibility to this brand as I’ve said earlier, I HAVE TRIED SO MANY BRANDS ALREADY, AND SOME OF THEM ARE FAKE!

  4. Mayberry

    My arthritis has been really bad recently. I think it’s the weather. I have previously been taking some pain killers for it but i think i’ve been too used to it that it’s no longer giving me enough pain relief and actually, sometimes i don’t think it works anymore. I might need a stronger version of the pain killers. While looking around at my options, i have found this online and decided to try it out as the more natural alternative. So far, I am really liking it. The oil is very neutral smelling. I can barely detect the scent. It also doesn’t taste weird and so i can take it everyday without problems. I have been using it for about 2 months and it has indeed helped with my arthritic pain. I no longer take pain killers and solely rely on this now for the pain management.

  5. Stephanie

    I have a condition called a herniated disk in my lower back, so the pain usually pulsates in my buttocks down to my thighs and calves. Often, the problem is unbearable, causing extreme numbness and weakness in my legs. I’ve gone through a series of physical therapy and NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory meds, but trying to picture life with these treatments is not economical or just utterly depressing in the long run. So I looked for healthy and natural alternatives that offer pain relief without compromising comfort. In other words, no side effects or nasty reactions that could pose detrimental outcomes. Hence, I was introduced to this CBD oil from Wholesome Wellness via a friend who happens to have the same condition. Ever since I used this product, I’ve never felt such ease, painless, and relaxed days. This CBD oil is the most potent pain reliever I’ve tried—period! I take one full dose per day and the pain that keeps me incapable of doing the things I loved stopped. I think these effects are visible because this CBD oil relaxes every part of my body. It feels like you are in control of your body again. More importantly, I never encountered any side effects throughout my experience with this product. I’m now confident to say: I’m done with the pain meds and their long-term effects—no more chronic pains, muscle spasms, or throbbing back pains with this product. I recommend this CBD oil to anyone looking for a safe, natural, yet effective pain relief

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