Organic Hemp Oil Drops 3000 MG

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Nature’s Beneficials Organic Hemp Oil 3000mg (Max Strength) 2oz (30mL) is 100% natural, raw, non-GMO, pure, vegan and sustainable.

Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

31 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil Drops 3000 MG

  1. Mr. Young

    This product has been excellent for me with helping to control swelling and knee pain. After 7 surgeries I Didn’t want to take pain killers to manage pain, I wanted to manage the swelling that caused the pain. I can’t speak for anyone else but within a couple of weeks I noticed a substantial downturn in knee swelling and pain. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Grandma fred

    Like this very much. Use it for stress. No drugs from doctors as they just zombie you out & get you hooked. Great for your heart and sleep. All natural!!!We all need to pay attention to watch what we put in our bodies. Don’t no why our government has organic foods and non. They should not let us have anything with pepicid in it. So take charge of your body and use this for your own health. Will buy again & again. Feel so much better & don’t have to be sheltered in!!!

  3. James T. Barringer

    About 2 weeks ago I suddenly had pain in one shoulder, which I initially thought was from changing my workout. A back and shoulder specialist took some X-rays, and I learned I had neck arthritis. The therapist I was supposed to start with couldn’t start with me for 4 weeks, the pain killer my Dr. prescribed didn’t do much, and meanwhile my neck and shoulder pain was affecting my life – I needed to do something, but really don’t want to go overboard on prescription painkillers. I have a sketchy impression about CB oil producers, and I liked that this one was recommended on Amazon and was Prime. Still I had no expectations but ordered to try it out, expecting no meaningful result (up till this point I have experienced no noticeable result from any supplement I’ve tried, except magnesium). It arrived this morning, I tried a couple of tiny drops under the tongue, and before I knew it, the lingering pain in my shoulders and neck were gone. My shoulder (which has a real nerve problem I have to address with my Dr and therapist) still is weaker than the other – when using it it feels like a pulled muscle, but was worse without the CB – but the chronic dull pain is suddenly gone. And, frankly, I feel like I suddenly have a slightly positive frame of mind. Nothing drastic or hyper positive – just feeling good and mellow. The pain was worst when trying to sleep, and I have yet to see the effects at night, but so far I am surprised, impressed and very happy to be rid of the pain. I would heartily recommend a try for someone dealing with chronic shoulder/neck aching like I had.

  4. Ncwildwoman

    Call it stress, anxiety or depression but lately, I have been finding it very hard to sleep. Having not enough sleep causes a lot of chain reactions like bad mood, headaches, sluggish movement, foggy brain, low energy and overall poor performance. It’s a good thing I co-own the business or I would been fired already. I do pity though my staffs that are left to do those tasks that I should be doing. I really can’t recall what the cause of this condition was. All I remember was that it started a week ago when I can no longer get a good sleep. Since then, everything else seemed to follow. My headache was the very first to introduce itself to me. Then came my mood change and so on and so forth. As my headaches gets worst, simple pain relievers can no longer provide the remedy I am looking for. To this, my sister introduced me to CB oil.

    I took a few drops and almost immediately, it started to work on my headache as it really calmed me down. After that I can no longer remember anything as I was already sound asleep! It was the best sleep I’ve had since it all started! I woke up early next morning feeling happy, feeling recharged and ready for work. My immediate transformation from “Sleepy” to “Happy” was immediately noticed by my people. I’m pretty sure they are happy too. Now, I simply take a few drops of CB Oil daily to ensure a great day and a great night!

  5. Christina Winch

    SLeep has always been my number 1 problem. And since I can’t sleep at night, I decided to take a job that requires graveyard shift. The thing about this is, I can’t sleep at night and i also can’t sleep much during the day. It’s just double whammy. I have no idea what i’m thinking. Anyway, I finally decided to do something about it and bought me my first CB oil! It’s been about 2 weeks since I started taking this and it has absolutely saved me from myself. I can sleep during the day, I can sleep during the night, i can sleep whenever i want! Ain’t life grand??? Also, since i started taking this, i get to sleep longer. My longest sleep usualyl is around 5-6 hours. But now i can sleep for 8 hours!!! I am just BLOWN AWAY! Buying more to keep in stock!

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