Organic Hemp Oil Drops 500 MG

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Nature’s Beneficials Hemp Oil 500mg (Regular Strength) 1oz (30 mL) is 100% natural, raw, vegan and sustainable. Most importantly, Hemp Oil Extract Supplement drops provide significant health benefits. Considered “natures most perfectly balanced oil”, hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. Natural peppermint flavor.

Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

16 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil Drops 500 MG

  1. Steve S

    Within a little more than a week I noticed a vast improvement on my overall feelings of aches and pains. I’m 61 years old and thought that it was “just normal” to have the everyday nagging aches and pains. Nothing I took over the counter helped, aspirin, etc. That changed when I started using your product in a little over a weeks time as I mentioned. I’m wondering if I should up it to the 1000 MG dose ? The dropper and the dosing are easy to understand and use. I will definitely be telling all my family and friends about the experience I’ve had with this product. I heard about it from some of my co-workers who had used similar products or knew people who had and also had good results. I thought ” what the heck I’ll give it a try ” I’m glad I did. Thank you !

  2. Joseph W.

    The jury is still out. I don’t seem to feel any relief after using product. Wife has some relief. Maybe I am expecting to much. Brother and sisters-in-law say it’s helping them. Disappointed that it was out of stock after 1 order

  3. AaronM

    I got this because my friend recommended this to me for my stress and anxiety. One thing I’ve noticed immediately is that my sleep so far has been full and uninterrupted. The effects right now are subtle but I do feel better after taking it. I lift and install cabinets all day sometimes 5-7 days a week, so pain relief is important, and so far this seems to have decreased any soreness. I might even increase the dose for the first week and then decrease as time goes on. I imagine after a few weeks I’ll notice the difference. I took the recommended dose before starting an active day and because of the bloodflow the effects were much more noticeable. I suggest taking the drops after your daily activities/workouts, or if you don’t have anything too demanding to do. The product has a nice taste and goes down smooth by itself, but it goes great in my morning teas as well. This hemp oil is a perfect way to wind down my day, or to start my days off from work. I’ll be buying more from these guys in the future.

  4. Jan Hagen

    I am seeing improvement in my levels of anxiety/stress/depression and my ability to feel in control of it. I am able now to go to sleep within 15 or 20 minutes, where I often struggled to “shut off” my brain for hours, especially on a bad night. I’m seeing an improvement in the pain levels in my bad hip. The taste is mild and not unpleasant under the tongue so I don’t put off taking it………and this is after only a few weeks of using it!!

  5. Mia B

    I will be honest, I was completely skeptical about hemp oil before I got this product. However, after reading over some of the reviews, I was interested to see if this would help with my anxiety, or act as a pain reliever. To my absolute surprise, it helps with both! The first time I used a full dropper’s worth of the oil, held it under my tongue and then ingested it as directed. I immediately felt calmer, and relaxed. I was afraid that it might just be a placebo effect, so I also had my wife try it. She saw the same effects, after using 2 droppers. I now use this daily, as an anti-anxiety treatment in the morning. I am so thankful that I took a chance on this, and gave it a shot. It also faintly helps with headaches, when I don’t want to take a Tylenol or medicine. It’s truly AMAZING!

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