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Nature’s Beneficials Hemp Oil 500mg (Regular Strength) 1oz (30 mL) is 100% natural, raw, vegan and sustainable. Most importantly, Hemp Oil Extract Supplement drops provide significant health benefits. Considered “natures most perfectly balanced oil”, hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. Natural peppermint flavor.

Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

16 reviews for Organic Hemp Oil Drops 500 MG

  1. brenna Tenney

    My love for gaming has completely disrupted my once perfect sleeping habits. I got so used to staying awake all night that there are times that I already wanted to sleep and still, I can’t. It has greatly modified my routine that I now find it hard to sleep at night. Even if by chance I do fall asleep, I’ll be waking up in the middle of the night and stay awake till morning. Either way, it is not good for me. I have tried sleeping pills but number 1, it doesn’t wake me up at the time I’m supposed to wake up making me late from work, and 2, I don’t know what adverse effect it may bring my body in the future.I remembered a few months ago, I used CBD oil for my headaches and pains. It got me to wonder, “Should it be able to help me in this problem that I am currently facing?” It just dawned on me that when I first used it, it gave me the best sleep I have ever had. With that, I started to look for my bottle of CBD oil. After finally being able to locate it, I immediately had a few drops and waited for it to work. To my surprise and disappointment, I did not feel sleepy, but instead, I felt a surge of energy within me. Having nothing better to do, I put that energy to work. All day, I was doing chores around the flat. I cleaned and dusted, arranged my record collection and many other things. Still, no sleep.Night time came and I was already wondering what I will do all night as I have not felt sleepy yet. Still not losing hope, I lied on my bed still hoping that the CBD oil will work. Then it hit me. I woke up early the next day with that same energy level I had when I first tried it again yesterday. I was in such a great mood that I can literally feel that I was hopping along smiling alone at my flat while preparing breakfast! This CBD oil is indeed a wonder worker! It has helped me in so many instances already and it has never failed! No wonder my confidence level on this product was so high! I again took my dosage, spent the whole day doing something worthwhile and came to sleep. I just closed my eyes and the rest was history.

  2. valerie mcguire

    I wanted to let the sellers know that the last two bottles that I have received I’ve had problems with the cap and the dropper . The last order the cap literally broke apart ! The first couple of times I open the bottle the cap was working fine then all of a sudden you push down to open the bottle and it won’t even open I don’t know if you guys have a design flaw with these bottles but I wanted to let you all know that’s twice now I’ve ordered and the cap has broken apart. ! I still love the product and would like to keep ordering but would like to see a change on the bottle cap. … Thank you

  3. John

    I have been unfortunate in all my life dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. My days are so painful, it’s even hard to get out of bed. When the weather changes, I feel it even more. I started using this oil not expecting any changes but in less than 3 weeks, I can actually feel the difference. I am not stiff or swollen as I was before this, the hurting/pain has come down quite significantly, I don’t even need help getting out of bed now. I hope this will continue as I will gladly keep purchasing it. Thank you for reading my review.

  4. Amanda Pittman

    If I win this fight, our team will be crowned the new Taekwondo champions in our school district. If I lose, the opposing team will get another crack at our team for the championship. In other words, its do or die tomorrow for both our teams. As I am the last fighter, a tie would mean that I can either be the hero or the disappointment of the team. It was the last round and not wanting to brag but I was in the lead. Then it happened, we were asked to separate by the referee but as I turned my back, my opponent gave me a vicious kick in the back that really left me agonize in pain. Although a point was deducted from him, I was no longer able to fight back due to the pain and I lost the fight. Do or die was set tomorrow. My back was already swelling and our coach was about ready to forfeit the match for fear that I might aggravate my back. In reality, I don’t know how to do it tomorrow. The my father came and gave me a few drops of CBD oil, it had such a great effect that I’m almost sure that if I’d be given that tomorrow, I’d have a chance. Now it has started to numb the pain in my back that I can move without pain or difficulty. The next day, both our teams are tied again so the pressure was all on me. I already had my dose of oil as I am now hoping that it provides the same effect as yesterday. Luckily for me, my prayer was answered as I am allowed to move with ease and no pain. This brand was really something else. It served its purpose with seed and efficacy. This should be in the stock of all sports teams. By the way we won.

  5. Steve baldwin

    Almost pain free with my fobromyalgia and chronic shoulder pain. Sleeping better also. Pain in my low back is much better. Chronic pain in my neck from disc removal and stabilization hardware is much improved.

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